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Stock Market School


Stock Market School

©, Worldwide!

 Time Tested, Simple Success Techniques by Ar. Prof. NSA Ravi


The sole objective of SMS© is to equip individuals with simplified knowhow and cool mindset to consistently succeed in stock markets worldwide, all their life!



Who you should be?

Any individual possessing Basic Computer Skills (Excel and Internet) and a clean slate.


Why Stock Markets?

Evergreen, a Non Competitive Equal Opportunity Platform with Unlimited Openings.

Non Dependent Career Environment that doesn’t demand Compromises.

Anytime walk-in for Work, while at Home or Away.

2 Days Weekly and Annual Public Holidays.

Profits from both Rising and Falling Markets.

Availability of Interest-Free, Daily Capital Leverage up to 8 times.

Predictable Results and Immediate liquidity.

Assured Monthly Earning of Rs. 45,000 and SMS © qualifies you for more.




A Brief Introduction to Stock Market.

Building a Smart Portfolio that pays you for Generations.

Corporate Financial Fundamentals – Top Down and Bottom Up Approaches.

Fund Allocation and Self imposed Financial Disciplines.

What to infer from Financial Magazines?

How to Identify the Best Performing Companies?

How to get the Best Performing Companies Free of Cost?

Universal Swing Trading and Intraday Trading Techniques.


Market Technical analysis

What to infer from Newspaper Data?

How to interpret Chart Formations?

Perfect Profit Projections in all Time Frames (Week, Day, Hour and Minute)

Outplaying any Market Condition. (Up-Trend, Down-Trend and Sideways)

How to execute well timed Entries and Exits at Composite Time Frames?

Apt Technical Indicators for Effective Trades.

Japanese Candle Sticks.

How to Limit Losses?

100 Live Paper Trades and Sharpening of Trading Skills.

How to make not less than Rs.2000 per day?

Course duration:

63 Hours @ 2 ½ Hrs a Day @ 3 Days a week.

Corporate Weekends for Businessmen and Professionals.

Ful l Course Fee:

Rs. 19,999/- payable Two Weeks before Commencement.

Note: Date of Commencement and the Venue wi l l be notified by SMS and E-Mai l .

Stock Market School

©, Worldwide!

Time Tested, Simple Success Techniques by

Ar. Prof. NSA Ravi B.Arch. ,MCA., AI IA

Guest Lectures By Er. Prof .

Sri ram Rajagopalan B.Tech. , MBA


93810 16074. E-Mail:

Trust, Stock Market pays out handsomely when you are right!

J o i n N o w !

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